Earth Air Water Fire Hands

The wares are made out of the mixture of the special type of clay and calcite stone. This sort of earthenware manufacturing, unique in the world,  has been performed for more than three hundred years in this village. They  are produced manually, on the potter’s wheel , in a way that has been the same through generations, for many centuries.

After shaping, the wares are dried at the ambient temperature and, after that, in a conservatory. Afterwards they are being fired in the open fire by burning wood at the temperature of about  800°C. These wares are produced from the natural materials , with no chemicals added.

The International Potter Colony is held every year in September. The artists from all over the world, who study the manufacturing and the high quality of the wares made in Zlakusa,  take part in this colony. During the Colony, there is also a programme called “The Autumn in Zlakusa”.